Laird Road Recreational Area - 180 Laird Road


The Laird Road Recreational Area contains four baseball diamonds two tennis courts, playground areas, a well water system and renovated snack bar. The highest elevations are mostly open fields on the southwest half of the property. The northwest and southeast ends have swales that lead ultimately to streams that feed irrigations and fire ponds on other lands. The rolling topography lends itself to interesting development into a park area. This offers many views to distant points of interest. A very old family cemetery dating back to early 1700 is located on the western corner on a high promontory of land. An air traffic control beacon is located at the rear of the property.


Baseball Fields

Laird Road Recreational Area has one 60-foot field and one 90-foot field located in the front, each equipped with bleachers, dugouts and scoreboards, as well as two additional 60-foot fields located in the back. There is also a snack shed in season and a batting cage. The use of baseball fields is by permit only.


Nature Studies

Laird Road Recreational Area is home to various trees, shrubs, plants, and more.



Laird Road Recreational Area has one small playground.


Tennis Courts

Laird Road Recreational Area has two tennis courts available.

Rules and policies regarding the use of tennis courts include:

  1. Colts Neck Township reserves the right to refuse access to tennis courts without notice.
  2. The use of tennis courts is restricted to participation in recreation tennis and related practices. No unauthorized tournaments, lessons or professional instruction is allowed without a formal permit.
  3. All non-tennis related activities are forbidden. No rollerblading, skating, hockey, skateboarding or any other similar sports or games are to be performed on Township tennis courts.
  4. Please keep tennis courts clean. Remove all trash, cans, cups and canisters and place them in the proper receptacle.
  5. Proper footwear is required for play on Township Courts. Only formal tennis shoes, sneakers, or similar attire is permitted.
  6. Formal hours for use of the courts will be sunrise to sunset.