Registration IS STILL OPEN for Winter 2015!

From Ballroom Dance to Zumba and everything in between!

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 Applications for Summer Camp Counselor positions may be found by clicking "forms" under Stadium Roar (top of screen) 




9 AM - 2 PM

$475 1ST CHILD, $480 2ND CHILD, $465 3RD CHILD











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Welcome to our new website!


Welcome to the new Colts Neck Department of Recreation and Parks website! We hope that our new website will offer a much easier and much more immersive user experience.

You can see that our navigation menus have changed.

On the top, we have all our heavily-visited web pages. This includes, "Main", which will be our main blog announcing any major events concerning our parks, recreation programs, or department in general, "Upcoming Events", which lists all the events in the near future that you may be interested (as well as their important information and dates), "Stadium Roar", which is our online system for booking fields and facilities.  ALL FIELD AND FACILITY REQUESTS SHOULD BE MADE VIA STADIUMROAR, "Connect", which features links to our Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and YouTube pages, and "About Us", which tells you who makes up our department, as well as any contact information that you may need.

On the side, we have most of our reference and informational web pages as well as an section including alternative links to our "Connect" social sites. We have separated the reference and informational web pages into three categories - "Parks", "Programs", and "Other." Under "Parks", we include the general information of each of our parks, as well as any facilities that they may have and a description of them. Under "Programs", we have "General Information" which contains our different policies about joining and participating in our various programs. "Current Programs" contains a list of all the programs happening that season, as well as a short description and what you need to do if you wish to join them. "Sponsored Programs" contains a list of many of the independently-operated recreational programs that we wish to endorse. Under "Other", we have "Historic Sites", which is general information about the thought that goes into deeming a place a historic site, as well as "Wildlife Hazards", which we suggest that you read before visiting any of our parks or facilities.

The newest and most exciting addition to our website is our "Connect" feature, which will only work if you, the user, participates. We would greatly appreciate any photos and videos that you may have taken at one of our parks or events. Our Flickr and YouTube pages will only work if we have content, and that content needs to be taken and submitted to us. This can be done via email at Also, we have created a Facebook and Twitter page for our Department. Become a fan or follow our pages to get all the latest updates regarding the Department of Recreation and Parks, even to your mobile phone!

We hope that you will enjoy the Department of Recreation and Park's new online experience! Stay tuned for any updates!